About Membership

Membership Criteria

Registered Institution with Federal, Provincial or Local government of Pakistan. Established and operational ORIC/BIC/TIC/TISC in the Institution. Members shall be an employee or shall be legally associated with the Institution. Startup with all the relevant testimonies

Free Membership

Avail this golden opportunity today, PIN offers a free membership program for a limited period with a provision of rich learning and knowledgeable resources including industry resources, industry terms, educational standards, learning events, domestic and international incubation associations, industry job opportunities and much more.


A PIN membership means you are joining a community of your peer and other entrepreneurship support organizations that include a network of mentors, partners, influences, and ecosystem builders. As a PIN member, you will have direct access to our network as well as a wide range of industry leadership and resources

Membership Category

There are two broader membership categories; General Body Members and Non-Voting Members. Whereas, new membership categories that have voting rights can only be approved in a General Body meeting. And one person or organization shall have the right to hold one membership. Persons that have signed the Memorandum are all considered Professional Members, regardless of any minimum qualification criteria and shall also be designated as “Founding Members”. The rights and privileges of a member shall not be transferable and shall cease on his death or otherwise ceasing to be a member. For each category, membership qualifications and requirements can be set by the Board. The Board can also approve Non-Voting membership categories. The Board shall subject to the Articles, accept or reject any application for admission to membership. The Board’s decision shall be final, and it shall not be liable to give any reasons thereof.

General Body Members

1. Professional Member (One General Body Vote)
Members with minimum three years of incubation management experience or have passed the certificate challenge exam by the company.
2. Institutional Member (Two General Body Vote)
Accelerators and Incubators.
3. Government Institution (Five General Body Votes)
Government bodies that have an interest in developing startup

Non Voting Members

1:International Partner – Non-Voting
Non-governmental or international donor organizations interested in helping entrepreneurs and startups in Pakistan.
2:Service Provider (Non-Voting)
Companies that offer supporting products or services to incubators or incubates.
3:Associate Member (Non-Voting)
Members that are interested in growing their career in incubation management and interested in the improvement of incubation practices. This also includes faculty members teaching entrepreneurship in HEIs or scholars doing research in incubation and entrepreneurship.
4:Incubates (Non-Voting)
Any person enrolled in BICs of Universities, NICs of Ignite, TICs of ITBs, and other public and private incubations centers of any a university, technical college, madrasa, association, foundation, group, institution and business.